Friday, 19 October 2012

The schizophrenic bedside table

And then something happens which makes you burst out laughing.

I was staying away in a hotel a few days ago and had a (rare) evening when I didn't have too much work to do.  I called into the local WHSmith to get myself a magazine or two to while away the evening.  When I lined them up on my bedside table the combination struck me as hilarious.  They were 'Cosmopolitan', 'Steam Railway', and 'New Scientist'.  A pretty unlikely combination, you will allow, and one which still had me chcklimng on the way to court the next day.

The serious point, if there is one, is that I have no intention of throwing away or denying the parts of me which have made me me and which I enjoy.  There is no prospect of my taking up cross-stitch or flower arrangeing in the near future.

Oh yes - and now it is less than two weeks before I head off to Thailand for my reassignment surgery.  Wish me luck.


Robin Moira White

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