Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A little more progress

It is Wednesday 21 November. I awoke this morning at 6.30 in the middle of a violent thunderstorm with torrential rain.  That in itself was progress as I had fallen asleep about half past midnight and so slept for a whole 6 hours – the first such period for a couple of weeks now. 
Yesterday I obtained some Bepanthen from the local pharmacy to deal with the area of redness along my inner thighs which has persisted since my surgery and isn’t helped by the very itchy regrowing pubic hair.  But what a relief!  Able to lie quietly on my side again and sleep.
Another bit of progress was to be able to sit for my evening meal in a local (Australian?) chain restaurant called ‘Wine Connection’ and enjoy some well done beef.
I still had to shift position half a dozen times during the meal and the cloying constant distracting ache is still ‘down there’.
But a week today I should be packing to come home.
I’ll keep you posted
Robin Moira White

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Dee Palmer said...

Dear Robin,

I hope you are making rapid headway with all the attendant disciplines associated with your new self, and that you are, suitably, swooning on seeing yourself upon each occasion you step out of the shower!

Have a good trip home.

Best regards,

Dee Palmer