Friday, 9 December 2011

Changes in the bedroom.......

I am sorry to say that this is one of those posts which has a much more interesting title than its content.

When I abandoned male dressing in the summer I kept my male jeans (for gardening, changing oil in the car etc etc) and also I kept my male nightwear.  After all, when in pajamas, my 'masculinity' was all too apparent.

Life has moved on, and although reassignment surgery is now still (less than!) 11 months away, my facial surgery has settled down, my hair is MUCH longer and I am a decent 'B' cup, so in my PJ's I like to think the overall effect is more female than male.

So this week the blue stripes and the paisley PJ's were washed, carefully ironed and packed off to the charity shop, to be replaced by three pairs of nice female PJ's in lilac, pink / grey and baby blue, respectively.  MUCH nicer, and the postman even called me 'Madam' this morning when I went down in PJ's and dressing gown to collect a 'by 9am' special delivery.

Of course, that might have had something to do with the red nail varnish and the false eyelashes left on from last night's Chambers' Christmas 'do' in Bristol which I drove back from late, arriving home at 1.30 am.......

I DO aspire to nightdresses in the future, but that will, I think, have to wait until after reassignment surgery next November.

Now, I am quite focussed on the second round of hair transplants due on 23rd December.  I really love my lengthening hair, which is getting long enough to 'do something with'.  This second round will fill in the crown, which is still a little too thin, and strengthen the front hair line at the corners.

More about this as it happens..



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