Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Simple pleasures

This has, in personal terms been a tough couple of years and the coming 12 months have some bumps in the road, I would expect but I am often struck by how it is the simple things which give me comfort.

On Monday I had to travel up to London and as I the train came in a gentleman and I were waiting on the platform approximately level with the same door when the train stopped.  He opened the doors with the button and they - gallantly - gestured for me to get on the train first.  So nice.

And then yesterday, as it was likely to be the only really fine day this week I took a trip up to Wells in Somerset, that delightful medaevial city.  When the sun shone it was really quite warm and it was so pleasant, in a sleeveless dress, to feel the sun on my arms and legs.  My traditional male summer wear was short-sleeved shirts which has left me with a noticeable tan to my forearms and lower half of my upper arms, and contrasting whiteness above.  That was quite visible last year.  It was pleasant to note that things have evened out a lot, and a few more fine days and some very gentle tanning should see that sorted.

Last night the weather turned markedly worse - high winds and driving rain.  At about 4 in the morning I was laying awake listening to the rain being driven against my window and thinking how comfortable I was, snuggled under a thick duvet in my bed.

Later this morning I will get to watch the west country scenery from the dry safeness of my train as I travel up for a conference with clients in Chambers in London.  Always and interesting journey, especially with a coffee and a Kit-Kat from the trolley steward.

So many simple pleasures....

Robin White

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Up, up and away.....

Big, big step today.

I booked my flights to and from Thailand for November, for the 'big op'!

Have been wonedring for the rest of the day what to write about how I feel about that.  After all, it is seven months away still, less a day or two.

Truth be told, it can't come soon enough.  I am fed up with being reminded in bed, in the shower, when getting dressed, etc etc, who I am not.  Phuket, here I come.

And then there are the other reasons for the op......but then, this is a 'family' blog, so I had been leave those to your imagination.  Mine is certainly fairly active!

Robin Moira White

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Out of Africa

The useage monitoring system for this blog occasionall springs a surprise or two.  Since I started I have had nearly 7,000 'pageviews' from folks in the UK, over 2,000 from the US  and then quite a lot of others spread across the globe.

In the stats for the last day or so, 30 page views have popped up for Nigeria.  I understand that to be a heavily religious country and I guess that 'difference' is not much encouraged or tolerated there.  If you are the lonely soul who has come across my blog, do send me a message to tell me a little about yourself.

kind regards

Robin Moira White

The Chrysalids - John Wyndham

Its funny how you can be transported back to your childhood in a moment.

We have had a new bookshop open here in Sherborne in the last few weeks (yes, really!) ande whilst mooching through the High Street yesterday I thought I had better have a look.  It replaced the most dire of our three fish and chip shops, so could only be an improvement.  (Advert moment - the best of the three is 'Pisces', hidden in a housing estate to the west of the town.  My knowledge of that fact may explain why my weight loss programme is working, but slowly.)  Anyway, back to the new bookshop.  It was bright, cheerful, includes a cafe area (every third shop in Sherborne includes a cafe!) and seemed to be well stocked.  I thought I should buy something to show support and then I spotted a book I havent read since I was 16 or 17 - 'The Chrysalids' by John Wyndham, now released under the 'Penguin Classic' label.

Instatntly I was back to my confused period in my teens when I knew I was the wrong gender but couldn't do anything about it or talk to anyone.  The story is about an agrarian community living many years after a world nuclear war where 'mutants' are killed with religious fervour to attempt to maintain genetic purity as the world gradually recovers.  A small group of teenagers find that they can telepathically communicate between themselves.  So they are outwardly normal but inwardly mutants, and when the community discover them - the trouble starts.......

It is a great read and the parallels with my circumstances at the time will be obvious.

Gosh, how different the world is now.

At the moment I am back to a waiting game.  Head hair gets steadily longer and denser, hair elsewhere fading gradually, voice surgery in July, reassignment in November.  I just have to be patient, patient! PATIENT!

At least, with the warmer weather, I'll be able to catch a little sun this year.  But it will all be so much easier in 2013.

I'll keep you posted

Robin Moira White