Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Simple pleasures

This has, in personal terms been a tough couple of years and the coming 12 months have some bumps in the road, I would expect but I am often struck by how it is the simple things which give me comfort.

On Monday I had to travel up to London and as I the train came in a gentleman and I were waiting on the platform approximately level with the same door when the train stopped.  He opened the doors with the button and they - gallantly - gestured for me to get on the train first.  So nice.

And then yesterday, as it was likely to be the only really fine day this week I took a trip up to Wells in Somerset, that delightful medaevial city.  When the sun shone it was really quite warm and it was so pleasant, in a sleeveless dress, to feel the sun on my arms and legs.  My traditional male summer wear was short-sleeved shirts which has left me with a noticeable tan to my forearms and lower half of my upper arms, and contrasting whiteness above.  That was quite visible last year.  It was pleasant to note that things have evened out a lot, and a few more fine days and some very gentle tanning should see that sorted.

Last night the weather turned markedly worse - high winds and driving rain.  At about 4 in the morning I was laying awake listening to the rain being driven against my window and thinking how comfortable I was, snuggled under a thick duvet in my bed.

Later this morning I will get to watch the west country scenery from the dry safeness of my train as I travel up for a conference with clients in Chambers in London.  Always and interesting journey, especially with a coffee and a Kit-Kat from the trolley steward.

So many simple pleasures....

Robin White

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