Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lady in comfortable shoes

One aspect of female dressing which I have sttruggled with over the past year is shoes.

I have large feet for a lady.My left foot is UK nine and a quarter (Continental 44) and my right foot is perhaps nine and a half (Continental 45) and they are reasonably wide with it.  This has meant that even shoes from the shops which offer larger sizes have tended to be too narrow for real comfort, unless they are sandals.  Size nine's are just a bit small, and size 10's generally too large.

The contrast with my previous male shoe comfort has been considerable.  I used to wear 'Dr Martins' shoes with big soles which were very comfortable.  I started on these when I worked for the railways and had to head off along the track on occasion but also be smart in meeting the public.  When they became a bit too 'loutish' for my legal practice I switched to 'Airwair' shoes which were smarter but almost as comfortable.

When I used to dress occasionally as female a tight pair of heels were fine for an evening but it all a little different when you are sloggiing from the railway station to the hotel or to the court.

The solution for me has been to go to a wonderful little company called 'Theatrical Shoemakers' based in London's Docklands.   They normally make shoes for film or theater, and so are used to 'unusual' commissions.  Want sandals for a troopof Roman soldiers?  Want boots for a tribe of dwarfs?  They can oblige.  So after having a last made, they have produced me 2 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of court shoes and 2 pairs of loafers, allin smart black leather, suitable for court wear.

Wonderful!  comfortable shoes at last!  Perhaps not as comfortable as my air cushioned soles but a great step forward.  Thank you 'Theatrical Shoemakers', I will be back next winter for a suite of smart casual shoes.

By the way,'ladies in comfortable shoes' is English idiom for 'lesbian'.  I don't know where it comes from (do send me a message if you know), but that's not me,as I continue to look at the male population with increasing interest.  Roll on 2013....

Robin Moira White

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