Saturday, 10 March 2012

The talking transsexual

On Tuesday I am delivering for the fourth time now, an hour-long talk entitled 'Transition in the workplace - the inside view'.  This time it is in Derby, arranged by the solicitors 'Bradley & Jeffries.  The talk is aimed at employment law solicitors, human resources managers and other 'people' managers in businesses who might have to manage a transsexual's transition in the workplace.  It is quite a personal session, following my personal journey closely and openly, and has been very well received.

I hope that by being open, and saying how well my transition and the interactions in my working location have gone, it will help lay the pathway for more successful transitions in the future.  Oh, and participants have said the session was fun(!) as well as informative.

The 'big one' for me will be when I give the session at the Employment Lawyers Association annual conference in May, probably to quite a large group - eek!

When I have given the talk in the provinces, local media seem to have readily picked up on it.  BBC local radio interviewed me in Taunton a short while ago and on Monday (12 March)  BBC Radio Derby are calling me at 08.15 so that I can join them on their breakfast show.  Listen in via the web, if you like.

Well that's barristers (trial lawyers) for you, we just love the sound of our own voices.....

Robin White

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Lucy said...

Thanks for doing these seminars. A representative of the HR team at my firm attended and has found it really useful in helping me along