Monday, 25 June 2012

Longer and longer!

Transition is not the easiest process in the world but boy! (sorry, I mean girl!) are there benefits.

I dreamed for so long of letting my hair grow and now I have been able to.  It is not down to my shoulders yet but it is certainly on the way - I can tuck it behind my ears now, if I choose.  It makes me so happy!

I had my 6-month check up with Dr May at the Wimpole hair transplant clinic a few days ago.  What a transformation, looking back at my old photos.  There is now just a little thinness at the crown and just behind / below it.  I can't see it without performing gymnastics in front of the mirror but I know its there and want it gone, so I will definitely have another 1000 transplants in a couple of months time to completely eliminate this.

Now I have started to look at hair accessories in the supermarket.  Wonderful!.  I find that I am naturally a little wavy or curly, so just some careful brushing in the morning and I have a style I am quite happy with.  Oh! What a change from a trip to the barber and debating whether to have a number 1 or number 2 cut.  Poor barber - he must have wondered where I disappeared to a couple of years ago.

Only a little over 4 months now until my trip to Thailand for the 'big op'.  I can't wait.  I lie in bed at night and dream of the final result, of being on my favourite beach in Cornwall in summer 2013 in my swimming costume with 'nothing to hide'.  I am so excited!

Do stay with me for the ride.

Robin Moira White


Lucy Dee said...

Hi Robin,

I have recently discovered the joy of my own hair and can really relate to what you have said. I perhaps ventured out way before it was long enough but to present to the world as myself and without a wig felt so right!

The feel of the breeze ruffling it is so magic and I can't believe I butchered it all those years, grade 1, with my own hair clippers. OK, I can believe it, just another form of denial!

Lucy x

Mandy Sherman said...

I, like Lucy, have my own hair, and know exactly how you is so liberating to not have to deal with an uncomfortable wig. And putting the car window down and feeling the air blowing it around, is completely exhilarating.