Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stepping Gently into 2013 - and television!

Hello Readers!

Apologies for the silence over the Christmas period.  I was supposed to be resting up but in fact have been working hard clearing one set of deceased relatives house, settling the affairs of another, and, rather unexpectedly, accepting an offer on my house.

The last was at the end of 36 hours of mad cleaning, painting, tidying, shelf-erecting and gardening to make the place presentable (after a couple of months with another focus....!).  My present place is far too large for me on my own have has to go.  I had intended to put it on the market at Easter but the mountain came to Mohammed and my purchasers sought me out.

Before Christmas pretty much every step was painful and sitting down wasn't much fun either but at the end of the 'rushing around' period set out above, I found that I was walking and sitting comfortably again.  It would seem that matters have knitted together 'down there' in some useful way and so life is a good deal easier.  I wouldn't want to be running about and I am still careful about heavy lifting but it is all a good sign.  It does bring home the value of simple pleasures like sitting quietly or wandering down to the High Street.

I always intended to have matters 'over' before 2013 and absent a little residual electrolysis and laser treatment, I seem to have achieved that.  The bonus is that I also seem to have sold my house, which will allow me to settle affairs with my ex-wife and move to somewhere more sensible.

On, and if you are free next Monday evening, 21 January 2013, there will be a short piece about me on our regional current affairs TV programme 'Inside Out' at 19.30 on BBC 1 West.  Those of you from elsewhere can catch it on BBC i-player.

I am looking forward to a peaceful and pleasant 2013 but I do intend to keep blogging.

Bye for now

Robin Moira White


Unknown said...

I'm sure you've heard of it already, but have you considered IPL instead of standard laser / electrolysis treatments? It's faster because it isn't hair follicle by hair follicle, it's permanent after about 7 - 10 treatments (with the occasional top up) and personally I find it less painful.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have been going through the mill this last several months and I hope 2013 lives up to your expectations- IMHO you deserve a smooth year! I could never do what you have done, my own dysphoria not being so acute so must settle for being as I am now - fortunately with an ultra understanding wife. South Somerset/ north Dorset is a bit of a desert trans- wise I fear.

Anonymous said...

Had hoped to watch your Inside Out appearance, after I saw it on the Freesat EPG for tonight's BBC West programme. Never mind, I just wanted to say well done on your smooth transition, I have had a less fortunate one, I transitioned many years ago, had surgery again a few years ago, but I still get abuse, and harrassment, I am on ESA now after years of assaults etc, might need your legal skills one day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moira,
I have just red your story and would like to thank you for it. It is a great piece of courage and honesty that can help the others and also something that shows your personal strength. I am biological women but suffering from male face pattern with all of the consequences threw my entaire 34 old life. Mocking, being third party category and so on... I have decided for the surgery with Mr. Bart and did the consultation recently. I am going to have jaw and chin reduction, hairilne loverling, frontal bossig reduction and midfacelift. Thank you for your story and not hiding because you have made me stronger. I told my family what I was going to do and asked for no judgement. Suprisingly what was my biggest fear they started to respect my decision and supporting me. all the best Moira!!!... And wish me good luck :)