Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting a man in...

I have been quite busy over the past month and whnever I have been at home it has been wet, so my (largeish) lawns have not been cut for several weeks.  Yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) it was dry and I was at home, so it was the opportunity to give the grassthe cut it needed. 

For tasks like this I have kept some of my male jeans and jumpers back during the great clear out of a month ago.  For a couple of months now, I have been wearing nothing but female clothing, which fits nicely, is stretchy where it needs to be and fitted where it can be to show my shape...  Over my underwear I pulled on a T-shirt (I am close to a B-cup now) and then a male pair of jeans and a grey jumper.

How shapeless and baggy and sloppy they looked!  I stood looking in the mirror - it was really strange.  These were clothes that only a few weeks ago would have been totally normal for me to wear.  Now they seem totally wrong!  I did wear them for the work, but it felt like being swathed in far too much material.  As soon as I was done I pulled off the jumper and changed to a nicely-fitting pair of straight leg female jeans.  Not skin-tight by any means but I had my shape back.

I love being a woman and having my womanly curves, even if they are still developing.  I'd love to be wearing more fitted trousers (when I have wear trousers) but there is still that annoying bulge to ruin the impression......but only for another 14 months or so.


Robin Moira White

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