Saturday, 6 August 2011

Top and bottom of it

It is now just over a month since facial surgery and less than two weeks before I go back to work.

The surgery is now very well settled down, including my jaw, whicvh no longer feels stiff to the touch.  My jaw opening is still a little restricted and there is plainly some more settling down to go but I have to say that I am very happy with the result so far.  I plainly look much more feminine than before.  One day last week I was out in Wells and Glastonbury in Somerset with a good girlfriend who reports that I am now mostly accepted as female without question, at least until I speak.

Today (Saturday 6th August) I was helping with the vintage vehicle rally at the West Somerset Railway near Taunton.  I have volunteered on the railway for over 30 years now, since the tender age of 16 and this was my first day back there.  A number of folks plainly did not recognise me until I spoke to them and I am also told that my new look is very successful, even as it stands.

This is all wonderful, but there is a cloud to every silver lining.....

I am now completely confident that I can look appropriately feminine in public (and I know that with work I can sort my voice out).  However, every time I go to the lavatory, change clothes, shower, get ready for bed etc etc, I am reminded that my top and bottom don't match.  It is already beginning to jar, and I know that soon it will start to drive me round the twist.  The best I can say is that I already have reassignment surgery provisionally booked for 5 December 2012 with Dr Suporn in Thailand.  Last autumn my facial surgery and beginning to live full time as a woman this July seemed an impossible time away at 10 months, so 16 should be possible to bear with good grace but I just want the process over and to be able to get on with a normal life.

That's the top and bottom of it!


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