Friday, 29 July 2011

Gradually re-entering my life

This has been a week of steady improvement.

I started the week with a second session of electrolysis to clear the backlog from my weeks away.  It is lovely to be smooth skinned again.  It is very hard to feel feminine with stubble!

I am gradually getting feeling back into my lower lip, more on the right side than the left and working in from the ends.  Also, as the swelling abates, I am getting more jaw movement back.  My speech is now almost normal and I can manage most food.

On Wednesday I took a trip up to Cheshire by train to buy an item for my WW2 collection.  I met the seller at his local station between Crewe and Liverpool and, of course, the inevitable question was how to recognise each other....  I made plain that I was a transsexual and that he should look out for an impossibly tall woman in a black, white and turquoise dress.  Amongst the 5 or 6 folks who got off the train it was not difficult to pick me out.  It is such a joy just to wear a nice summer dress and heels and be out and about honestly as me.  I know I now get very few strange looks (at least if I keep my mouth shut) and I am just very comfortable as 'me'.

On Wednesday night I stayed in the Britannia Hotel in central Birmingham (good value for the money) and then headed off to the Severn Valley (Steam) Railway for the day.  A good day out on a nice warm but slightly overcast day.  Railway footbridge steps and heels do take some practise and you just have to accept a slower pace. 

In the late afternoon I called into Regis Hairdressers in Corporation Street Birmingham for a lesson in blow drying from stylist Dean.  Now I just need to practise what I have been taught but it is so good to have hair long enough to do things with.  Such a change from years ago.

The next couple of days require me to concentrate on some mundane household tasks to (1) be ready for my friend Debbie from Essex coming to stay next week and (2) getting ready for a car boot sale of my 'maleness' on Sunday if the weather holds.  Perhaps I have not had long enough yet but I am still having difficulty generating enthusiasm for housework.

'Bye for now


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