Friday, 1 July 2011

A day of planning and preparation

Today I had a leisurely start and then strolled through Ghent to the Cosmetic Surgery Institute for my midday consultation with Dr Bart van der Ven.  The building is rather anonymous and a little difficult to get into but once in Dr B was courtesy itself and after the ineviable photographs we carefully worked through the surgical procedures, what we are trying to achieve and post-operative care.  I have to admit the sight of the skull with the bits sliced off the jaw and metal plates in place was a little scary but the computer-view of the changes was very encouraging.

A snooze in the early afternoon and then a further stroll in the Ghent sunshine to the city's public hospital for my CT-scan.  Good impressions, the hospital was spotlessly clean (even with a new extension being built) and the staff were faultlessly courteous and bi-lingual.  First you book in at a general reception area (think up-market Argos ccollection system).  The receptionist was a bit confused about English addresses and post codes.  Then on to the imaging department where my scan took longer to wait for than to perform.

The old centre of Ghent is very touristy and lovely.  I had an early evening meal at a road side cafe in Veerle Square during which I watched a traffic jam caused by a wedding cortege of 6 Mercedes-Benz saloons picking up from the Medieval castle on the square which I presume houses the local registry office.  Included in the jam were a number of road vehicles, several trams and two horse-drawn vehicles.  Many of the streets are cobbled and I'm glad I brought mostly wedge shoes with me.

Now I have a free weekend in Ghent until a taxi-ride out to the hospital for surgery at 07.30 on Monday morning....



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