Friday, 8 July 2011

Its all in the eyebrow action..

I am old enough to remember the ‘Sitting Image’ puppet of actor Roger Moore, who, rather bitchily, was portrayed as only having three facial expressions, namely; left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised, and, wait for it. BOTH eyebrows raised.  Personally, I always thought Roger Moore had the drop on his critics.  He had, after all, played ‘The Saint’ on 1960’s TV and then gone on to play James Bond in a number of 1970’s and 80’s editions of that long-running franchise AND he got paid well and always wore a really nice suit...
You are but wonder what, on earth this has got to do with my transition.  It has nothing to do with the interesting bit of transsexual trivia that Caroline Cossey (born Barry) appeared in a film with Roger M until the press outed her and the Bond producers deleted her scene (which was plainly so vital to the storyline that is absence has never yet been noticed.  No, its all about eyebrows.
I noticed in front of the mirror this morning that I now have eyebrows that move!  So he swelling is now on its way down, and my football-face status’s days are numbered.
I also had my 4th day after operation consultation with Dr Bart, who expressed himself well satisfied with my progress and (thank goodness) removed the enormous plaster across my jaw.  It is all still swollen but eating my soup this evening was a little easier and that is another step on the road back to normality.
Now, where was that DVD of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ to watch after dinner.......

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