Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lenny Henry eat your heart out

Lenny Henry and ‘red nose day’ eat your heart out.  12 July 2011 was my ‘new nose day’.
I decided to leave writing this piece overnight to see if my reaction was the same this morning as yesterday, and it is!
What Dr van den Ven appears to have achieve (as far as I can tell, because the general impression I still give is of a domestic violence victim, is that he has done what we discussed, namely to reduce the height, size and sharpness of my nose subtly to bring it into the female range whilst recognising that i am 6’ (183cm) tall and everything needs to remain in proportion.  It is fascinating to watch my features settling down.
I made a tactical error yesterday afternoon.  Th e stitches around my eyes are still distorting eyesight a little, and I am not supposed to do too much looking down for the next couple of weeks as the facelift heals and my toenails needed cutting, si I thought I would book in for that wonderfully relaxing experience – a pedicure.  The guest house owner made to call for me and booked with the Ghent branch of ‘Yves Rocher’ a continental  beaty products chain.  I had visions of quiet music, soothing oils etc etc.
Things started to go wrong when on passing though the ‘Institute’ door at the back of the store I found myself sitting waiting in a corridor full of boxes.  The treatment room looked welcoming enough but the array of metal tools would have done a dentist’s surgery justice.  The therapist then proceeded to slice, scrape and cut in a manner which was certainly painful at times and left me with a plaster on one toe.  I am sure that this has been good for me (in just the same way that you are sure that foul-tasting medicine is good for you) but I am not sure that I would do it again.
Now time for a nice long bath to soak away the last for the wound crusting, as prescribed by Dr Bart.


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