Friday, 15 July 2011

Are you trying to get arrested?

So, after a quiet day in Ghent on Wednesday, Thursday was my day to travel back to the UK.  I was up at 6 and pottered around getting ready and packed and by 8 was ready.  I did not need to leave until nine, so I chatted to the guest-house owner and then dragged my luggage off across the Ghent cobblestones to the tram stop.  I was attracting fewer looks now as my crazily coloured skin was fading a bit, and before too long I had caught the train to Brussels.  A tomato soup later in the departure lounge and I was onto Eurostar. 

Oh, and that's how my attempt to get arrested comes in.  When the UK Border Agenct official opened my passport, out popped a 50 Euro note I had slipped into it early in the holiday.  'Yours, I think?' he said a little sarcastically.  I can't be certain that I blushed, or even if I did, any one would notice, but I did feel a fool.  Arrested for attempting to bribe an immigration official....that would have been a new one...

A quiet soooze, I thought... And then I found that Eurostar had booked me, as a single traveller, onto a table of three others travelling with a baby which wanted to climb around on the table, bang the table with anything handy, etc etc.  They were grateful when I found myself another seat to move to after we left Brussels.  For me it was self-preservation.

Ghent had been cool and damp but London was hot and sunny and by the time my train from Waterloo had travelled the two hours to Dorset my etes were sore and I was ready for my own front door.  A lazy evening and then I slept - how I slept! - in my own bed - luxury.

I was supposed, this Friday morning, to call in to see my GP but he has damaged a leg playing with his children so I spoke to him on the phone instead and we have agreed to meet in early August.  A potter around town was lovely and a few gentle calls to friends, and a catch-up with post and e-mails.

My mouth still feels as if it is packed with cotton wool, which makes my speech rather slurred and difficult, and I am still fairly swollen but it does get better by the day.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, don't worry, I'm off to stay with a friend in Wales for a few days andf I feel like some walking to get the juices flowing and push along the healing process.

I'll keep you posted.


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