Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stood up and counted

Now I know that I am truely female - I have been stood up on a date!

Somewhat against my better judgment I agreed to go on a date last week.  I looked forward to it for some days, thought carefully about what to wear, and on the day made arrangements to have my hair done in a gap in my morning.  By lunchtime I was feeling really good!

And then the e-mail appeared to say that work in Manchester had overrun, he would not be backing London until late, and 'perhaps we could do lunch the next day.'  As a busy professional, that was just not on  - BOTHER !

Looking on the bright side, my face has now settled down post surgery (over 3 months now) that I don't have to bother with heavy foundation and the nicely-styled hair from the hairdressers allowed me to pop into a photo booth and get some photos for the ID cards and drving licence that have been crying out to be changed for a while.

Who needs men! (Well, me, eventually.  But perhaps that is better left until after my trip to Thailand next year....)

Robin  (A little sadder and wiser.)

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WILLIE........! said...

Ah! Never mind....!
I've picked up on your Blog from time to time....
Next time your in Sherborne......I'll take ya for lunch to the Pear Tree.....! :).
I have an e-mail add...
Just click onto Pussy-Cat George....Up Top there...! :0).