Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter Draws On

I made the jump to living as a woman in the summer, when it was nice and warm and linen and cotton were the order of the day.  Now the gloomy (and colder) autumn weather is here and I find that the geography has changed......

I dont find female-cut trousers especially comfortable for a reason which gets solved at final surgery next November (less than a year away now - hooray!) so it is skirts for me most of the time.  But how the wind howls around the nether regions!  Off to Marks & Spencers for some thermal tights!

We have also had some unseasonably warm weather for October and November, making me wonder if we are to be punished by yet another unusually cold winter when December, January and February are here.  However, this raises an opposite piece of new geography.  As a man, my hair was very short but now, I am pleased to say, this is getting longer and longer!  Now on warm days I feel a bit like I am wearing a wooly hat the whole time.

Both bits of geography take some getting used to.

I have now paid the deposit for hair transplants 'round 2' just before Christmas which should deal with the resudual thinness at my crown (ansd so complete the 'balaclava' effect).  And next Saturday I have my 4-month check up with my facial surgeon. 

Meanwhile, still plugging away with electrolysis.  Facial hair definitely on the run now, butr still some way to go as still having ca.300 insertions each Saturday morning - eeeek!


Robin Moira White

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