Monday, 21 November 2011

A lovely day

Had a great day on Saturday.

Went up to London for 4-month post FFS surgery check-up with Dr Bart van de Ven.

But first booked myself into Toni & Guy hairdressers at Canary Wharf for a wash and blow dry with 'Carli'.  A great treat and my hair is steadily getting longer, so it becomes possible to do more interesting things with it.  In fact I liked what she did so much that I have booked in again with her for my next cut just before Xmas.  I am having my hair cut every 12 weeks or so and it is lovely to have some length now.

I did have a look in the shops and found a lovely black dress and jacket in Austin Reed.  Perfect for court wear and with something of a circle skirt, so a bit more feminine than some of the more straight up and down black court dresses I have.  Lovely to be a bit 'floaty' as well as 'professional. 

Then on to the 'Four Seasons' Hotel nearby for my check-up with Dr B.  I was an hour early and as I walked in, he and his son were just crossing the lobby for lunch.  What a nice chap.  Anyway, I sat for a lovely hour reading the paper and enjoying a coffee (one of the true marks of civilisation at weekends) until the appointed time.

Dr B was very pleased with his handiwork and my progress (as am I) and he took some photos.  He is sufficiently pleased with them to want to use them on his website (which I am happy to permit) and to want to record a video interview with me in London shortly (gosh!).  Anyway, no more surgery is reccomended, which is good - cosmetic surgery addiction is not a good thing.

Then on to the second treat of the day.  A make-up hour with stylist 'Bunny' at the MAC cosmetic concession in Harvey Nichols in Knightbridge.  London Underground was having a 'signal failure' at Covent Garden, which gave me some concern, but I did arrive a few minutes early, which allowed me to scoot to the loo from where I booked treat 3 of the day, but more of that later.

This is the first professional make-up session I have had since surgery and it was helpful to be able to discuss how my ideas have developed. MAC has the best range and their £25 sessions are great.

Treat 3 was to go to the Trafalgar Studios in Whitehall to see 'Three Days in May', a play recreating the cabinet discussions in May 1940 when Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax wondered about negotiating a peace with Hitler, or whether to fight on.  I know the story well but it was well acted and presented.

And then off to London Bridge forthe train back to Sussex.  A lovely day.  I am now really very comfortable with my new self, as, apparently, are folks around me.

Bye for Now

Robin White

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Ian C said...

Robin, "floaty" is fine but look out something more practical on Sunday!