Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Out in the sun.

British readers of the blog will know that last week, after a very disappointing start to the summer, we had a week of hot, dry sunny weather.  Fortunately for me, I had a stack of paperwork to do for a major client and was able to take it to my holiday home on the Somerset coast.  I am very pleased to say, that for the first time, I now have nicely tanned legs, or at least the start of them.

Previously my white male legs made brief and shocking appearances on holiday in the summer and were then hidden away (quite rightly) for the rest of the year.  Now, after all the laser treatment, they are quite regularly seen, but usually in tights.  This side of November's surgery, tights are quite helpful in keeping 'everything' tucked away and under control. (Oh, what a joy it will be when that is not necessary anymore!)  So what could I do?  Well the solution was relatively simple.  I cut the legs off a few old pairs and they were able to provide the same 'support' but leaving my legs free and able to breathe.  What a treat!

It is rumoured that we may have a little more summer again in September, so my legs will be out to play again then, and next year I am wondering about a week away early in the summer or late spring with reliable sunshine to banish the winter pasty-ness.

I'll keep you posted !

Robin Moira White

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