Monday, 13 August 2012

Ding, Ding, Round 3 !

Its been a bit of a tough week.

No, not a reference to the Olympic boxing, but to round three of hair transplants. (Rhetorical question - am I alone in wondering how boxing can really be a sport, when the intention, however dressed up or disguised, is to beat your opponent into a pulp.  The women boxers I have heard from in the last few days do nothing to improve my view... but I digress....)

On Monday last, 6th August 2012, I had round three of hair transplants at the Wimpole Clinic in London.  I was still not satisfied with the density achieved so far and so went back for a third go, to (hopefully!) eliminate the thin area on the crown and just behind it.  I am really, really happy with my generally lengthening hair and cannot see this area myself, without some contortions and a mirror, but I knew it was there.

This seemed like the toughest session yet.  All was fine on the day, with Dr May and his team doing their usual professional job.  The donor 'slice' off the back of my head has been very sore.  Perhaps this is not surprising as two previous slices have been taken and the skin stretched each time.  The top of my head, where the 1000+ insertions, over 2000 individual hairs, were planted, has also been quite sore.  On the day after, Tuesday, I was, unusually for me, very nauseous indeed, which made keeping the painkillers and antibiotics down very difficult, in fact impossible, which didn't help.

As usual, I couldn't wash my hair for three days, which is quite unpleasant in itself and a great relief on Thursday when I could wash all the congealed blood out of my hair - yuk!

Recovery over the following days was slow and I have had to make a concerted effort to get some sleep and not to be too grouchy.  Still, I tell myself that it will all be worth it, and from what I can feel, it really should have made a big difference, filling out the final thin areas once the growth cycle has got underway.  I am hoping that I have the usual good fortune with my strong hair that most of the grafts don't shed and regrow.  It will, however, be some months while the grafts grow to a useful length before the full effect can be judged.

Fortunately, I have a week's paperwork this week, so I can be grouchy to myself.....

I could have waited to do this third round next year but I am SO desperate to have everything over with by 2013, that it was good to get it done now.

I'll keep you posted!


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