Sunday, 16 January 2011

Is that really you?

Well, it had to happen.  This week I have had two comments from acquaintances who I had not met for a while that my hair was rather long.  I haven't visited the barber since September and I used to debate with him whether I should have a 'Number 1' or a 'Number 2' so this is rather a change for me.  My hair is now 2-3 inches long and I was beginning to look a bit like Ken Dodd, not a good professional look.

Cue a female reaction.  I phoned my hairdresser in a bit of a panic and talked her into seeing me at the end of her Saturday session.  Some tidying up eliminated the 'Diddyman' look and initiated me into the ways of hair straighteners.  Lou runs her own salon in Mere, Wiltshire and I was recommended to her by my beautician.  She has helped at least one previous TS with the hair aspects of her transition.  I might be in my mid-forties but I intend to make the best of all my 'assets'!

My tidier look should keep comments at bay for a while but at half an inch a month, my hair should be 6 inches long by June.  A complete departure for me.  Last week I was able to mutter something about the weather having been cold recently.  Unless global warming is rather worse than even the pessimists have led us to believe (or the makers of the film 'The Day After Tomorrow' knew more than they were saying) that excuse won't wash in May.  By then I suspect the pierced ears will be giving it away......


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