Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A pain in the neck - facial electrolysis

I should apologise for this blog being dominated by hair at the moment, but that’s just the way it is.
A couple of days ago I had THE most painful session of electrolysis to date.  Through the Arctic winter weather my technician and I had not been able to get together and we needed a couple of sessions to catch up.  The painful session dealt with hair under the chin and down the neck a little way.  Here the skin is thin and sensitive.  Just to recap – electrolysis involves a fine needle being slid up the hair to the follicle and then an electric current being passed to zap the hair.  It feels like a wasp sting.  I have to grit my teeth and try desperately not to flinch as this process is repeated hair by hair.  I am dark-haired and have pale skin, so this is a very necessary process if I am not to present an impression of the fairground bearded lady from next August.  Boy! (do I mean ‘Girl!’ ?) it is painful.
To be allowed to follow the transition path there are a set of care standards known as the ‘Harry Benjamin’ care standards after the US psychologist who led their formulation.  They specify a certain amount of counselling and the like before intervention with hormones or other toys.  I wonder if a short course of electrolysis would sort the (wo)men from the boys.
On another front I had the stitches out from my hair transplant donor site yesterday.  It had healed really well and the only irritation was from around the stitches where the flesh was trying to heal.  I am lucky in that I naturally have a slightly raised temperature and a higher than normal metabolic rate, which means that I heal well.  That should be useful for later in the year......

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