Friday, 31 December 2010

A long weight.....

A long weight
Well, I have shared some minor personal matters with blog readers so far, gender, gender dysphoria, previous thoughts of suicide and the like but now for something REALLY, REALLY personal – my WEIGHT!
I am 6 feet tall, exactly, and I presently weight 13 stone 7 lbs. (That’s 189 lbs for our US friends and 84kg for those for whom ‘The Empire’ is a cinema in Leicester Square.)
This gives me a ‘Body Mass Index’ or BMI of 25.6, just over the line into overweight, which starts at 25.  In my younger, more active days, when I was an out-and-about manager I weighed only 11 stone 7 lbs but I gained a bit when I started my law studies and sitting around in courtrooms is not the best exercise.
I am told that oestrogen tends to promote weight gain.  So I need to be careful.  I am a UK size 16 upper half (that’s the shoulders) and a 14 lower half if I am careful.  I think I want to be about 12 stone (168lbs, or 75kg), as I need to allow a little more for bust and hips than before but I would like to have less around the waist and thinner thighs and upper arms.  Advice seems to be to concentrate on general cardio-vascular exercise and to avoid exercise that would increase inappropriate muscle groups, like the upper arms.  That’s good, because I like walking and cycling, and will be trying to get back to regularly doing both.
It must also be a good thing to sort out general fitness in advance of surgery in the summer.
I will keep you informed as to progress.

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