Wednesday, 29 December 2010

One week on hormones

Yesterday marked the end of my first week on oestrogen. 

For the record, I have 100mg Estradot patches, which release 100mg's of estradiol hemihydrate each 24 hours and have to be changed every 3 days.  You wear them on a hairless unobtrusive patch of skin.  In my case that's just above the waistband.

I have only noticed one change so far, and that is that my nipples are both more erect and more sensitive.  I have some small breast development from 3 months on oestrogen some years ago (I would say that I am a poor 'A' cup at the moment.  I have no desire to become Dolly Parton and a 'B' cup would be lovely, but lets see.  I am told that the full extent of breast development might not be apparent for up to two years.

Life is also all about hair at the moment.

Firstly, I have missed a couple of facial electolysis sessions over the Christmas period (bad) but conversely have not had to be presentable for work, so I have not had to shave (good) so my electrolysis technician will be able to find the hairs easily and EXTERMINATE them!  I have an hour booked today and tomorrow and that should allow me to start the new year smooth-cheeked.  It will be interesting to see if and how being on oestrogen affects the regrowth.

My hair transplants are GREAT.  The front hairline is plainly very different, without the receeding corners, and there is also clearly some more density through the crown of my head.  It is all a bit itchy at the moment, and unpleasant with the scabs and flaking skin coming off around the transplants but that is just as the clinic predicted and so all seems to be progressing according to plan.  It is not very noticeable during the day and hopefully will have settled down before I am back to work next week.  The donor site under the hair at the back still feels a bit like a sword-cut to the back of my head but that is calming down as well.  This all adds to my confidence about making the big change next August.

lots of love


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