Saturday, 18 December 2010

2011 - A year of change

Hello blog-land!

I am Moira. (Or perhaps I should say, at the moment sometimes I am Moira.)  I am a 47 year-old professional planning to transition from male to female in the middle of 2011.  Yes, that's right, I am a male to female transsexual.

I work in a professional field, and am reasonably well-known, at least to my clients and other professionals, so I will be working hard to get this transition right.  I am about to start on female hormones and in July I plan to have facial feminisation surgery to help me make the transition successfully.  A friend or two has told me that my story would be interesting and rather than keep it on a specialist site for transsexuals, I thought you might be interested to read it.  I always did like the sound of my own voice, although here it is more the sound of my own thoughts.

I have been tremendously helped on my journey so far by those who have been along this difficult path ahead of me and have already been of some minor help to those coming after me, so to speak.  Transsexualism is, to some extent, protected by law these days, but understanding and acceptance are still some way behind, so feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments.  I will try to write with the general reader in mind.

Lots of love to all


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