Sunday, 26 December 2010

Clothes and Shoes

There is something particularly wonderful about female clothes and shoes.

I will be living and working full-time as a woman from August, so I have been gently buying for a while, and I am often 'out-and-about' at weekends as the female version of me, which is reasonably passable, so shop assistants dont seem to have any difficulty letting me use the changing rooms.

A short while ago, at the reccomendadtion of a T-girlfriend, I visited a style counsellor who specialises in the legal profession (oh, there we go, I have let that cat out of the bag..).  She diagnosed my colouring as 'deep and cool'.  This seems to mean that I should be wearing dark, rich colours (black, red, purple etc) and without too much contrast in colour.  My skin colour is a little olive in tone (Celtic and Italian blood) so that does seem to make sense, if it does seem rather like alchemy or astrology.  Luckily, I seem to have made the right choices in clothes so far.

As a man I found clothes boring and a chore.  I would often buy 6 shirts the same in M&S and went to Gieves & Hawkes in Bath every spring for a new work suit in a dark grey pinstripe.  Casual clothes - equally boring.  But now....I could (and have) spent all day shopping and been disappointed when the stores start to close their doors.

I went to see the musical 'Legally Blonde' in London recently.  Do go if you can, it is an absolute hoot.  It includes the immortal line that lawyers wear black 'even when no-one is dead!'  Fortunately black is one of my approved colour choices and I have to say that I now have one or two (or six) nice pieces from Hobbs and Jaeger.  (After transtition I will be looking for Mr Right, and where better to look than in the legal profession, so I need to look my best...)  More seriously, I need to look the part as a female lawyer so that my personal circumstances don't distract the judge or the other participants in the case from what is really important - the client's affairs / case.

I just adore shoes.  I am 6 feet tall, so a 2" heel is lost on me.  I also have size 9 feet, so flat shoes do look rather like canal barges.  Nice 4" heels, however....  I have a bit of a thing for open-toed courts, which also shorten the apparent length of the shoes.  Shoes also remind me who I am supposed to be, and I walk so very differently in them.  Transsexuals tend to be tall, and so they (and tall genetic girls, I am told) shy away from heels.  That is SO wrong.  My legs are my best feature, I think, and they are so much better when they end in 4" heels.

Female clothes are lighter, more comfortable and just so much more pleasant to wear than male attire.  (I will leave lingerie for a later post.)  It is such a drag to climb back into trousers and a jacket when my coach turns into a pumpkin.  But not for much longer...

Keep an eye out for me at the January sales.....



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