Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Pain and Pleasure Principle

Well now, the snowy weather did me a good turn this week.  I called into my GP's surgery on Monday with the consultants letter for my GP in advance of the appointment I was due to have on Wednesday.  And there was the GP helping out behind reception because the snow and ice meant that virtually all the elderly patients which make up the 'stock-in-trade' at the Apples Surgery here in Sherborne were sensibly staying by their firesides.  The GP whisked me off to his consulting room to hear my latest news.  With all due respect to the gereatrics, I know that I am a rather more unusual patient.  30 minites later I was off to Boots in the High Street with my prescription, and a note to the pharmacist, to reassure him that a 47-year old male should indeed be receiving HRT patches.  Transsexuals are not thick on the ground in rural Dorset!

It is hard to describe the sense of calm engendered by that little HRT patch now lurking just above my waistband.  I shall be watching avidly for the changes and rest assured, I will be writing about them here.

That's the pleasure, now for the pain....

Today I was at the Wimpole Clinic in London for hair transplants.  I want to ensure that I have a full head of my own hair in August when my public get to meet me and a combination of this, oestrogen and finasteride should ensure that is so.  The transplants have also latered a male 'M' shaped front hair line to a female inverted 'U' - quite a difference.  It will be a little frustrating not to be able to 'touch, comb, wet or wash my hair for the next 3 days but the effects are well worth it, thanks to the efforts of Dr May and tecnician Biljana (who I cannot praise highly enough for her hard work today).  The pain comes from the planting of the 1763 hair follicles (yes, they counted every one) over about 5 hours and the fact that  the slice of donor skin was taken from the back of my scalp and is now stitched together, making looking down inadvisible and more than a bit painful.

I now have rather longer hair than a few weeks ago, a very different front hairline, and rather thinner evebrows - I wonder who will comment first, and what will I say wen they do?

Oh, and I have started taking a 'head and shoulders' photo every day, which should make an interesting addition to the blog from next August.



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