Sunday, 19 December 2010

Project Moira

It really is like that.  My sister-in-law teaches the 'Prince' project management skills and they might come in handy; critical path analysis, budgeting etc etc.

At the moment I am having electrolysis to burn out my facial hair (an hour each week usually on Saturday mornings) and laser treatment to eliminate leg hair (two hours once a month).  I have the reccomendation from Dr Richard Curtis the London gender specialist, to start oestrogen therapy and finasteride.  The oestogen should soften my skin, move some fat around and help to restrict inappropriate hair growth and promote head hair growth. It should also continue my breast growth from what I achieved by 3 months on oestrogen some years ago,  The combination of oestrogen and finasteride (propecia) should reverse the small amount of male pattern thinning which I have expeienced in the past few years.  My GP is on holiday this week and so I am booked to see him next Tuesday for the actual prescription - hooray!

On Wednesday next I have hair transplants booked at a clinic in London.  This is to fill in the front corners of my hairline to make it more female and to plant some in the crown of my head where male pattern thinning is worst.

All this is aimed at getting me ready for my big moment in August next when I start work as my female self (gulp) !

The big bit of preparation will be the facial feminisation surgery which I have booked with Dr Bart van der Ven in Belgium for early July.  This is now quite a well-developed art as the difference between male and female faces is now well understood.  The procedures for me will be (north to south) brow bossing removal, frown line removal, upper and lower eyelifts, nose reduction, upper lip lift and filling, jaw shaping, chin shaping, mole removal and lower facelift (second and bigger gulp!).  I am told that this will be about 11 hours 'on the slab' (my expression, not the surgeon's) and then about 10 days before I can come home and 4 weeks before I can go back to work.

Quite properly youu have to prove that you can live successfully in the female role before genital surgery will be authorised and I have that pencilled in for Christmas 2012.

Quite a process, then.




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