Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Laying the foundation......

I am just back from a great weekend away with friends in Cornwall.
My electrolysis therapist was away so instead of my usual hour’s torture on Saturday morning I had a lovely relaxing facial, manicure and pedicure – wonderful.
My electrolysis has progressed to the point where I no longer need thick foundation to cover the remaining hairs.  Equally, my head hair has grown so that it is just passably female, so no need to wear a wig – double hoorays!!
It was wonderful to spend the weekend as a reasonably convincing female, including a shopping trip in Truro.  It is hard not to be conspicuous when you are six feet three in heels but I did find a lovely pinl jacket in M&S.
I think that I am now going to get off the electrolysis treadmill for one weekend a month.  I just love becoming Moira – its what I was born for!

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