Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The little milestones are important as well.

On any long journey (and transition is certainly that) the little milestones each mark distance covered on the journey and have their place in the story.  This last weekend I spotted three which I thought were worthy of record.

The first was that after facial electrolysis on Friday (a day early this week as I was goung out on the weekend) my skin was entirely clear.  Until now the next week's growth was usually visible below the skin but not sufficiently developed to be got at by the therapist.  This Friday - nothing!  At the weekend I did have to wear some foundation to cope with the redness left by recent electrolysis but no dark hairs to cover - hooray.  Now (Tuesday) there is just a little regrowth coming through, but so, so little.  I have 5 months to go until full-time female living and so my comfort and the amount of facial hair are in directly inverse proportions!

Secondly, I spent the weekend away with my good friend W in Cardiff and her group (they won't mind me saying) of irresponsible thirty /  forty-somethings.  I realised that when I packed my bag, the only male clothing I was taking were my pajamas - another milestone.  Thanks to W, Ru, Ro, Cl and Se for making me feel so very welcome.

The third milestone was that this was a group of folks who have not met me in trousers (hooray!)  My female self is very much a 'work in progress' certainly this side of cosmetic surgery and a little weight loss but it is so relaxing just to be me.............



I can tell from the traffic statistics that this site generates that there are a few of you following my posts now.  It would be lovely to receive a few more comments.

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