Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Making a clean breast of it...

I have been on oestrogen for nearly two months now and I very plainly have some breast development.  What I have is certainly not beyond an ‘A’ cup but they are quite firm and perky and particularly noticeable if I turn onto my front in bed (ouch!).  The time came this week when I needed to get some ‘support’.  Work took me to Nottingham and I called into Debenhams to book an appointment with their bra-fitting service.  I was with a female colleague (who knows my circumstances) and as we walked away we realised that there might have been some ambiguity over WHO the 4 o’clock appointment was for.
This proved to be correct when I went back later in the day as they were expecting a lady!  Well, perhaps I might be permitted to say a different sort of lady....  After I explained my circumstances the initially rather stern lady assistant became all smiles and conducted me to a private fitting room where she arranged the ‘necessary support’ and we discussed how that might need to change over coming months.  Five gold stars to Debenhams for the service.
I have been becoming increasingly relaxed about my work colleagues knowing about my forthcoming transition in advance and increasingly frustrated by covering the changes, for example by attributing my lengthening hair to the recent cold weather.  (I also fancy having my ears pierced soon, given the 3-month period the studs have to stay in before other earrings can be worn, and I haven’t been able to think of a cover story for crystal studs....)  I have discussed this with my senior management who are relaxed about my ‘coming out’ sooner than previously planned, so that may well happen in the next week or two.
I will keep you posted.....

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Jo said...

Goodness me Moira, you give us all the details but then fail to mention your actual measurement ....!

best wishes from Jo xx