Monday, 12 September 2011

Brought down to earth

I love my high heels.  Indeed, I am deliberately wearing one of my favourite pairs while writing this piece.  They are a lovely pair of black satin sling-backs with a 4.5 inch heel, peep-toes and a diamante band gathering the materuial from which the shoes are made just above the 'peep'.  I last wore them in anger a little while ago when my leder sister and her husband took me and a friend out to dinner in Poole.  I teamed them with a wonderful black Phase Eight mesh dress with red piping applique embroidery - wonderful.

However, practicallity now begins to bite on the 'everyday'.  I have to walk across town to my station, catch the train to wherever I am litigating, and then wheel me, my case and my papers to the court / hotel.  Alternatively, I have to shlep across town to the supermarket or the High Street.  4.5 inch heels won't do, or wouldn't last.  So over the last week I have been ensuring that my selection of flatter shoes is wide enough to cope with my new 24/7 female life style.  I have some very nice low wedges and a couple of pairs of loafer-style shoes that should do well for court, and I have 3 pairs of black lace-ups that should be fine for my hobby railway signalling.

I do like my heels, however, and they do make a useful statement of who I now am.  Fortunately I have never had difficulty walking in heels and when I was switching to-and-fro between genders they were a useful physical key as to who I was supposed to be on any particular occasion.  I suspect that I will be joining that sisterhood of girls who travel in flatter shoes with more vertiginous shoes to change into when the veue is reached.


Robin Moira White

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