Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hairs and Graces

I realised that I had not said too much about hair for a while, so I thought a comprehensive update might be appreciated. (And allow me to get this 'ichey' but necessary subject over with for a while.)

It is now just a little over a year since I began growing my head hair, and it is about 6 inches (150mm) long.  The combination of high-dose oestrogen, finasteride, topical regain and hair transplants last Christmas have given me a very respectable head of my own hair  (hooray!).  A combination of transplants to fill in the front corners of my previously male-shaped hairline, and lowering of the front hairline as part of my cosmetic surgery marathon in July have given me a very acceptable front look. 

However, there is still a little more to do.  I am still a little sparse at the crown, and if viewed from above and behind with that area combed open, I would notice but perhaps you might not.  Also, the front hairline needs strengthening a little.  The hair transplant clinic 'The Wimpole Clinic' in London warned me, before the first session, that a second round of transplants was likely to be beneficial and Dr May confirmed on Thursday this week that this was so, and the right time for 'round 2' would be just before Christmas coming.  That helps me fit recovery around work.  Last Christmas I had 1750 transplants which took a long day and cost me £3,500.  Fortunately Dr May predicts a much smaller number this year and a correspondingly lower cost.  It will be good to cross a further transition area off the list from pending to 'completed'.

I also plug on with facial electrolysis every Saturday morning for some part of an hour.  I now only have whiskery growth in most places, apart from the area over where my Adam's Apple where a few heavier hairs have come back to life.  That is a shame because the skin is thin in this area and zapping them is pretty painful.

I am also going to have a further half dozen sessions of laser to finish off leg hair and tackle the small patch I have above my waist at the back.  I was fortunate not to have too much body hair to start with.

The laser technician and I have agreed to leave the more 'intimate' area until after reassignment surgery (November 2012) so that we can see what we need to work on.  This, she tells me, will put me in one of her more usual groups of clients.

My arm hair seems to have thinned down from what it was (never too strong) and I put that down to the oestrogen, I think.  That is fortunate because my Italian parentage gives me quite 'moley' arms and laser would not be easy.

Tha's quite enough of hair for now.


Robin Moira White

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