Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And the winner is.......

Given the showing of The King's Speech and Colin Firth in the past few days I couldn't resist an Oscar reference in today's post.  (By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, don't wait for the DVD.)

My particular Oscars are for the two best e-mails I have had from work colleagues since they were informed, last Tuesday, of my intention to transition in August.  I have had about 30 e-mails, all very supportive.  Many were quite solemn but, I am pleased to say, some reflected our collective sense of humour in the business in which I work.

In reverse order... (Oh, that's Miss World rather than the Oscars but never mind.) second prize goes to the lady colleague who welcomed me to the sisterhood and informed me that there were a couple of things I should know.  The first is that all men are B******'s.  Secondly, that this didn't matter as there were some useful female manipulation techniques which she would be pleased to teach me!

The Colin Firth, first prize goes to the colleague who e-mailed to say (tounge-in-cheek) that he had been down to Clinton Cards but that a dilligent search of the 'work colleague congratulations' section had not revealed anything entirely appropriate.  He felt he could design something but that this was likely to be a rather niche market as far as specialist card sellers was likely to be.  My sort of guy!

It is SUCH a relief to be 'out' to my work colleagues.


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ashley said...

Personally, I preferred the 'all men are b@stards'.... haha! love the blog, have sooo many questions but will wait til I speak to you next...