Wednesday, 30 March 2011

If you are in a hole - stop digging

I am a volunteer on one of our premiere steam railways.  Recreating the 1930's or so is not just about steam engines but you have to get the fixtures and fitting right and so a few days ago I found myself digging a hole to install a lamp post manufactured by the correct railway company in the 1890's.  This required a 24 inch deep hole, 20 inches square (thats 60cm deep by 50cm square for non-imperial types).  It is hard work to dig a deep, neat square hole in what proved to be rather stony ground but it is something that I have done more than once in the past.

This time it seemed SO much harder work!  It does involve mostly arm work and in that respect is the subterranean version of painting a ceiling.  I had definitely lost some arm strength!  When I got home that evening I changed out of my working clothes, showered and stood in front of the mirror.  The tops of my arms have definitely lost definition.  Before Christmas a sleeveless dress had a definite 'builder-in-a-dress' look to it.  Now that has gone.

I have been on oestrogen for a little over three months now and have a review with Dr Curtis in London at the end of the week, and I will update you with the outcome.  I have to say that I am very pleased with the effects, although it does make me look distinctly odd as a male now.  Only 92 days to go to my trip to Belgium for FFS.



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