Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another milestone.

I passed another milestone this week.
I am a lawyer and regularly appear in court in my area of specialism.  Blog readers will remember that I am off to Belgium for facial surgery at the end of June and expect to begin living full-time as a woman in mid-August.  Several times recently I have had to explain that I will be having a 6-week break from court work this summer – very unusual for me.
This last week I was conducting a case in front of a lovely Judge who I have known for nearly 20 years.  We had 3 days allocated for the case and it was pretty obvious from early on that it wouldn’t be enough time.  When we compared diaries we could not find another suitable time for the necessary 2 extra days until November.  Only the other lawyer and I were in court sorting out dates with the Judge, the parties were back in their waiting rooms.  It seemed like a suitable time to explain to the Judge that an ‘alternative version’ of me was likely to turn up in November!  I have told 50 or 60 people so far but I was SO nervous (unusual for me in court).  Perhaps that was because this was the first time I was officially ‘out’.  The Judge was plainly very surprised but SO nice and also appreciative of the chance to be surprised away from the parties.  I can’t wait for November!
In fact my return to practice is set for mid-August and my first court case thereafter is set for Monday 22 August, so I guess I will be pretty nervous the week before.  I can remember when I first started going to court.  I would get there early and have to rush off to the loo as the flood of adrenaline affected my bowels.  After about 6 months this calmed down until I got my first appeal case – I was right back in the loo at the appeal court..... It feels rather like that.

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