Thursday, 15 November 2012

A change of scene

And so today I was efficiently discharged from hospital in Phuket and moved to the modest ‘Baan Suan Hotel’ a few hundred yards away for the second fortnight of my stay in Thailand.
|Regular readers may remember that my surgery was brought forward by 3 days, so my 10 day stay here will now be a fortnight.  Just as well, perhaps, in case of complications and given that it is an 11 hour flight back to the UK on 29 November and that sitting down is still a little problematical.  I feel absolutely fine standing up but finding a comfortable sitting of laying position has been difficult.  The fact that the thoughtful Dr Kunaporn has provided a ‘doughnut’ cushion for me confirms what I have gleaned from others who have been along the path before.  Sitting can be a bit sore for a while.
The hotel is fine, modern and fully furnished, if a bit Spartan.  But then who’s complaining for £250 for a 2 week stay.The local hypermarket is a couple of hundred yards away and a wander along this afternoon funished me with Alpen for tomorrow’s breakfast, after a KFC lunch and a macaroni and vegetable snack for this evening’s meal.
Then the evening dilation (still only comfortable up to number 3) and then time to update the blog before turning in.  I think I will have a further wander around tomorrow. The streets have a particularly developing world feel, with shanty cafe’s and chaotic power lines on roadside poles.
I’ll keep you posted
Robin Moira White


Teslagirl said...

Hello Robin.

I'm so pleased things are getting better for you now. Can I ask why you chose Dr Kunaporn over Dr Suporn? As a barrister, you're clearly a woman who considers all aspects of the situation carefully. I would like srs in the next year and had more or less decided on Dr Suporn. I'm an older woman (58). Do you have any thoughts which might help me make a decision?

Thank you,


Susan Watersfield said...

Dear Robin

I thought I would drop a quick line to let you know I'm following your postings. I greatly appriciate your keeping us informed about your ptogress and I find it very informative.

I hope you continue to make progress and that you'll be back home again.

Best wishes for now.


Dee Palmer said...

Hello Robin,

This is my second attempt to send a supportive text and, having read your post of today I'm trying again!

You'll be surprised how rapidly the healing/feeling better process improves.
Right now, life for you is governed wholly by your dilatations but, in 12 days, I can assure you that it will have become merely routine - irksome, maybe - but still, a necessary and vital procedure.

Try to get out of your room more.
Walk to the elevator and back; go to the coffee shop and the terrace. Just a few minutes outside your "cell" will invigorate your mind and body.

You've done it, love.
It's over, so, Get on, girl, and rejoice greatly.

I'm still on cloud nine, years on, and expect no change any time soon, if ever.

May I recommend you upgrade your return flight. The lounge and fully reclining seat in Business or First Class will make a whole lot of difference.

Meanwhile, best wishes from me.