Monday, 5 November 2012


Tuesday 6 November, midday and just back from theatre after my second general anaesthetic to have the packing inside my new neo-vagina changed.  Presumably it would have been rather traumatic without the anaesthetic.  As before I was on nil-by-mouth after midnight.  At 7.30 the nurse appeared to put a line into my left hand and then at 9 the gang appeared to move be from my bed to one trolley to go down to the first floor which has the operating theratres and transfer to another trolley outside the operating theatre and finally transfer to the table.  Now they spread out both arms and set up blod pressure monitoring on the right arm, a mask over your mouth and nose and then......oblivion.
Next thing I know is waking up in rehab alongside the ICU and then back to my room for a late breakfast at midday, a dip into my new book ‘Winter of the World’ and ‘The talented Mr Ripley’ on HBO movie channel Asia.
If the rest of the month is like this, I am coming out for reassignment every year!
I have an awful feeling that there must be some pain on the way, but I don’t see it yet.
Robin Moira White

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WILLIE........! said...

"No pain no gain". As they say....".
Once again....Good Luck......! :).

"Add Life To Your Days...Not Days To Your Life".