Monday, 12 November 2012

An amazing day

Monday 12 November didn’t start well. As well as the rawness I was suffering from yesterday I didn’t get much sleep last night as my pubic hair, shaved over a week ago now, was now re-growing under the medical tape covering the operation area.  The result was excruciating itchiness which I endured all night long and until the doctor came to see me at 10.30 this morning.
Oh! The relief when the tape and bandaging was peeled back and the catheter, drain and packing were removed.
But, of course, more than that was the first sight of my new genital area.  Swollen for now but worth all the time and trouble.
It was nothing short of amazing to stand in the shower shortly thereafter for my first shower in over a week and to know and feel that I now have the anatomy I have wanted for so long.
The rest of today has been rather restful, reading and watching TV. There is plainly a bit or re-learning to do because the skin that has been re-used still has its nerves attached and I have to relearn the stimulus relative to the new structure.  I suspect that will take a little time. 
There is a little concern that, although I have been drinking steadily during the day, I haven’t yet used my new urinry tract exit.  No panic, at least yet, I think.
Tomorrow is to be the start of learning to dilate, the process which will keep the neo-vagina cavity open and healthy for future use.
I’ll keep you posted.
Robin Moira White

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