Thursday, 8 November 2012

Skin graft complete - I think?

I was woken at 6.30 this morning, Friday 9 November,  to be got ready for theatre, in particular for a drip line to be put into my right hand and for my temperature, blood pressure and pulse to be checked for the umpteenth time.  I asked for this to be put off until7.30 so I could have a stand-up wash in my little en-suite bathroom –much more refreshing.  There was much concern whether I had done ‘poo-poo’ during the night.  I had not, so I dutifully tried again but with no results.  I had extensively ans expressively opened my bowels the previous evening, so no real surprise there.
Of to theatre at nine, all prepared for the op including face mask blowing oxygen and then ......nothing.  At half past nine the anaesthetist appeared and rather pre-emptorily and uncomfortably pulled off the mask and said ‘we need to wait!’ to the world in general.
I was then on the very flat operating table for the next hour with my legs strapped down but with a rather menacing pair of leg stirrup stands standing waiting either sides of my thighs.  Lower back pain was mounting and fortunately the theatre staff unfastened my legs and allowed me to move to a more comfortable position.  I wonder why I was taken to theatre about an hour earlier than was necessary?
The delay did allow me to notice that theatre lights were not focussed on my nether regions but on a side table where a technician was clearly working on something pinned out in a plastic tray – my skin for grating.  I was reminded of O-level frog dissection.  Whilst the other staff were chattering away in Thai she was clearly very focussed on her work.
At about 10.30 Dr Kumaporn appeared, announced ‘Let’s start!’ and everyone sprang into action.  I have no memory beyond the anaesthetist going into action until I woke up in recovery at 12.30.
Its now 2 and I am back in my room. I have a dull ache in my nether regions but am otherwise fine.  Things are still well bandaged over with a urinary catheter and a drain emerging from the bandaging, so as to the result, I am still not clear.
Back to the TV and my books.

Robin Moira White

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WILLIE........! said...

....Once again....Good Luck...
Sounds as if all going well...And, what book are you reading...'War and Peace'. HeHe! :).

I'm just off to Sherborne...Coffee at the Pear Tree at ten....
If yer quick...I'll treat ya....! :>).