Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Patience is a virtue

Not much to report today, Wednesday 7 November.   Visited by Dr Kunaporn the morning, who is happy with progress and says we are on course for the skin grafting session on Friday.  This means that tomorrow is likely to be another uneventful day as well.  I am on a gentle mixture of antibiotics and painkillers.  Today they added a laxative, as I haven’t opened my bowels since Saturday, although I have been eating well, is conservatively, since then.  Apparently this is not unusual when ‘down there’ has been affected as much as it has, and nothing to get concerned about.  The result, this evening, was the first ‘movement’ with some difficulty – so that’s OK as well.
On my wander rounds this afternoon (I did about a mile of so along the hospital corridors at a steady pace) I stopped at the nurses station for a chat with the head nurse.  Apparently, quite unusually, I am the only reassignment patient in at the moment.   All others are here for breast augmentations, tummy tucks and the like.  Also unusually, I am the only western patient.  It is apparently unusual not to have some Aussies or New Zealanders if not a Brit of two.  So much for bringing scrabble with me!
I got a bit annoyed this afternoon,  A solicitor from the UK for who I had conducted a procedural hearing in the week before I came away seems to have been given an incomplete report of it by his member of staff who came to the hearing and seems miffed I can’t sort that out from 10,000 km away.  And I had made plain what my timetable was.  That is notable in contrast to the wonderful understanding I have generally had from my professional colleagues.
Ho hum, back to my book.....
Robin Moira White

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