Friday, 3 June 2011

Broad sunlit uplands....

Today has been a lovely day for weather here in Dorset.  Properly warm so that I had to make sure my legs were completely hairless before going down into town bare-legged and in a linen dress.

Worked on my differently-shaped suntan for a couple of hours, then had a very pleasant wander round, and then a coffee before an hour's facial electrolysis, and out to the cinema this evening.

Tomorrow I am treating myself to a facila, manicure and pedicure to celebrate the fact that today (1) I paid the balance of my facila surgery cost to the clinic in Belgium and (2) I booked my first session with a speech therapist for next money.  He sounds lovely....I am beginning to allow myself to think about men in a rather different way now....interesting...

Today I was exposed to only the third adverse comment I have had out dressed.  I was in Costa coffee before my electrolysis session and so I had some beard growth showing with no make-up to cover it.  But its my town so 'hey!'  A chavvy male twit of about 30 behind me in the queue started making loud remarks about 'Little Britain' repeats on the tele..  He was with what I presume to be his wife and another couple and a collection of about 4 children aged 4-5 or so.  I suspect a pub lunch had not been too far previous....The women were clearly embarrassed by the remarks and were telling him to be quiet but he could not contain himself.  I went over and explained that I was having a coffee before my electrolysis session and was in course of gender re-assignment.  I explained what electrolysis entailed.  He went absolutely purple with embarrassment, apologised about 20 times and was roundly told that he was a total idiot by the two women who apologised for his behaviour.  Before they left the other chap came across and apologised and complemented me on the way I had dealt with the situation.  So overall, this left me feeling fine, although increasingly desperate to get electrolysis finished and to Belgium for my FFS....

I am going to soak up a few more of the evening rays before a trip out to the cinema



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