Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The station cafe

Wow - two posts in a day.  The pace of change is really hotting up!

Another milestone passed today.  One of my guilty pleasures when I am working at home is to head for lunch to the cafe at our railway station for a none-too healthy all-day-breakfast.  So there I was today for the first time in heels and a skirt.  As usual, I took my 1945 Jeep out for a run and parked just along from the cafe, so no one was in any doubt who I was.

As sometime happens, the local track gang piled in just after me for their lunch, so I was surrounded by a sea of high-visability orange.  It clashed a bit with my lilac cardie but the size and meatiness of these chaps did at least make me look slim and svelt....

The cafe owner fought his way through the orange throng with my food and asked for the track workers to allow him through with 'this chap's lunch' which he hastily corrected to 'this lady's lunch' and profusely apologised for any offence.  I made plain that I was taking time to get used to the change and I had had 18 months to get used to it, not the 5 minutes he had had.  We had a good laugh together, he made some polite remarks about bravery and good luck which I thanked him for.

So there we are, another part of normal life 'changed over'.



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