Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Torment over

I don't minimise the difficulties ahead, not least facial surgery in a few days time and genital surgery in about 18 months time and the HUGE challenge of living and working as a woman full-time for ever more BUT yesterday was my last male day and I am so PLEASED I have got to this point.

I was conducting a case in the Manchester employment tribunal yesterday.  It only lasted the morning and then I had to kick my heels in Manchester as I had a timed ticket back on an early evening train.  It felt really weird to be on the verge of such a change in a massive city with virtually no one there knowing.  Part of me felt I ought to be shouting it out aloud.

However, being English, I settled for buying Caitlin Moran's new book 'How to be a Woman' (!) and reading it in a quiet corner of the cafe in Waterstones bookshop in Deansgate in Manchester.  I decided that reading the book could be described as a feminist act...

So eventually I collected my luggage and headed back to the station.  And the railway seemed to want to delay me on the way home.  An 'incident' near York made my train half an hour late and then we limped along, losing more time as we got in the way of other trains.  Don't they know, I thought, self-centredly, of the momentous events about to occur to one of their passengers?  Apparently not.

Totally manic day today packing, tidying and dealing with losse ends before I head off tomorrow.  Updates follow....



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