Friday, 17 June 2011

A thumping great milestone !

Wow!  What an amazing day!

First day at work in a dress.  Had warned my management that I had had enough of trousers and stepped out of the house this morning in a business (dress) suit, medium heels and light coat and headed off to work as 'me' for the first time.  The admin staff had plainly been warned to make no comment, and were lovely.  My 'senior management' complemented me on 'an elegant' look, other work collegues made other pleasant remarks and I just got on with the working day - lovely.

I just feel so comfortable as 'me' now it doesn't seem quite real.  Wonderful.  Wonderful.

I head off to Belgium in just under a fortnight for facial surgery.  I have 4 days in this time working with external clients and will revert to collar-and-tie (yuck!) for those days as clients are not expecting transition until my return to work in August but otherwise that part of my wardrobe (and former life) is OVER!

I should say that if you add together the hair, the eyebrows, a trace of yesterday's eye make up, the near B-cup cleavage and the ear studs, I make a pretty unconvincing male these days....

Hoorraayy!  Hoorraayy!  Hoorraayy!



Mark Colbourne said...

GReat post Moira. Very are very brave and i wish you all the best

Mark Colbourne said...

Hey Moira, great blog. Really Inspiring. Well done.