Friday, 24 June 2011

Forgetting how to be male

I am now living virtually full-time as female, only reverting to male when working with exterior clients.  On Wednesday I caught the train up from Dorset for a two-day case in Birmingham.  I travelled in a smart black linen dress-suit and felt very comfortable indeed.  But lurking in my suitcase was a male suit for me to wear in court (yuk!). 

With a heavy heart I showered on Thursday morning and then dressed in my male suit, which now feels distinctly odd. and then, horror of horrors, I discovered that I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PACK ANY MALE SHOES!!!!!!!

What to do? Help!!!!  Well fortunately, the cheap clothing chain 'Primark' is right next to my hotel here in Birmingham and 9am found me standing outside their front door, in suit, with court papers but in just my socks.  5 minutes later I was the proud possessor of a pair of brown slip-on male shoes for £17.  Not exactly elegant, but they'll do!

We were only in the court until the end of the morning and then the court broke to read documents for the afternoon.  It was a terrible hardship (not!) to change back into a dress and have my hair and make-up done at a local salon ready for an evening at a restaurant (Cafe Rouge) with the solicitor I am here conducting the case with.  Lovely to spend the evening chatting about clothes, shopping, men (!) careers and the like.

And gosh, NOW LESS THAN A WEEK before I head off to Belgium for surgery....



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